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This site is currently undergoing a redesign.


Meanwhile, I am still taking Proofreading and Editing work and would be delighted to talk to you about what you want done.


I have been involved with authoring and re-writing technical documents for over 40 years and I have completed a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing. I now use this wealth of experience, gained in various industries, to help others make sure their work meets the highest possible standards, be it a novel, a report, a contract, a website, a thesis, or other published work, ensuring the reader gets maximum enjoyment and benefit from your work.


My hourly fee is NZ$40, plus GST. For that I will go through your work looking for punctuation errors, grammatical errors, spelling or typographical errors as well as check for consistency, continuity and 'readbility'. If you wish, we can also discuss editing your work to get it ready for publishing.


My main pleasure is in reading, particularly books on history, human endeavour and travel, as well as a good novel. I always get most enjoyment from a book when it is not only well written, but also well presented, without typos, grammar and punctuation errors. This is how I would like your work to be seen.


As a qualified Proofreader and Editor, I enjoy working with authors of different genres. I also work with students for whom English is not their mother tongue, who are maybe writing MScs or PhDs and who want to ensure their thesis is as good as it can be. 


Please get in touch so that we can discuss what you may want done in more detail. Email me, Jim Kennard, at

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